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We stock a complete range of display screens available for hire, from 15″ up to 65″ (plus our Large format screens) and in most cases we can offer either Plasma or LCD Rental services depending on your requirements.

Plasma and LCD panels may look similar, but the flat screen and thin profile is where the similarities end. Plasma screens, as its name suggests, uses a matrix of tiny gas plasma cells charged by precise electrical voltages to create a picture. LCD (liquid crystal display) screens are in layman’s terms sandwiches made up of liquid crystal pushed in the space between two glass plates. Images are created by varying the amount of electrical charge applied to the crystals.

LCDs tend to have higher native resolution than plasmas of similar size, which means more pixels on a screen. LCDs also tend to consume less power than plasma screens, with some of the newer “Eco” LCD panels able to use half of the power than equivalent plasmas, with the trade-off being lower brightness.

Plasma screens typically have better viewing angles than LCD. Viewing angles are how far you can sit on either side of a screen before the picture’s quality is affected. Plasmas can also produce richer, more natural colours, due to both light leakage and to a limit on the hues that LCD can reproduce.

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